Wedding Hairstyles with Tiara: the most refined proposals

Wedding Hairstyles
Lots of ideas in the field of wedding hairstyles with tiara, a sophisticated accessory with a long tradition behind it can give a very elegant touch to any kind of bridal look. The hairstyles embellish with a tiara may be collected, semiraccolte or loose, hairstyle romantic style to choose from, however, being very careful to shape bridal gown. Let’s see how.
Wedding Hairstyles

The wedding hairstyles collected are those that are most appropriate to be supplemented by a tiara. As you can see by browsing the images from our photo gallery, we talk about classic chignon, the central nodes, high or asymmetrical to choose according to your look. Perfect to be used with wedding dresses with sweetheart bodice that leave in plain sight of the neck and shoulders, wedding hairstyles high with tiara are the most elegant: you can enforce the diadem on the forehead, on top of the head but also on the back, as shown you pictures of our photo gallery. If yours is a flashy tiara, better to bet on a hairstyle at the bottom of the head.

Wedding Hairstyles
To those who like a more romantic style to suggest the semiraccolte wedding hairstyles. In these cases you can start from a basic fold curls or move, and to fix a few strands behind his head.(Hairstyle for us is important, but a suitable for their own skirt is also essential, we have a cheap and affordable wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses)
The classic look of this type can be easily completed with a tiara on the top of the head, whether it’s a simple model of a more showy large version. You can also make embellish your hairstyle with braids from boho-chic style, or with more complex twist and lighting in your hair.
Wedding Hairstyles
If preferred the look of a princess bride, loose hairstyle is the perfect option for you, especially if your wedding dress is a classic style as those with wide skirt lace and tulle. Depending on your preference, you can request a move based crease, smooth or curly ringlets and even: in all cases, the tiara will give your look a very sophisticated touch. Take a look at our photo gallery of images, what is the wedding hairstyle with perfect tiara for you?

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Wedding dresses with bare shoulders, the new fashion trend for marriage

fashion trend of the moment, the wedding dresses with bare shoulders mark all the finest collections. Lots of luxury houses that have rewarded necklines humeral very marked for their particular models, wedding dresses with full skirts with lace or silk, but also versions with mermaid skirt slip, tattoo wedding dresses and more.
The dresses A-Line Off Shoulder

The by A-Line dresses are the first choice of women around the world for the day of their wedding, classic-style creations that are original interpretations every year in the lines of the leading brands in the industry. Among the latest innovations is just the humeral cut bodice that leaves her shoulders bare, chosen by brands such as Alessandro Angelozzi Couture for its models with draped skirts covered with flounces, more related to a classical mood maison how Radiant and San Patrick, but also more open to brand quirky touches such as Elie Saab and Ines Di Santo. Lovely wedding dresses in lace with bare shoulders Ralph & Russo and Reem Acra, those in silk and tulle Gritti versions and Justin Alexander voile.

Dresses slipped bride with bare shoulders
Very present in the new collections from the mermaid wedding dresses with bare shoulders, sliding shapes that caress the female silhouette gracefully enhancing the curves. Pronovias wedding dresses mermaid think entirely made of floral lace with a large humeral neck, midi and long sleeves, and a train embroidered, while Yolan Cris rewards the structure of the most seductive lingerie outfits. ultra modern style for Vera Wang wedding dresses, models with long sleeves empire line of bold cuts along the shoulders and back, while Pnina went back rewards dressed in voile with tulle applications on the tail and the train.
The wedding dresses trendy tattoo

Among the proposals from the modern style, the tattoo of wedding dresses are those that are proving most successful in recent years. Maison as Costarellos and Elie Saab wedding dresses have thought in forms mostly slips and tight-fitting with ruffles decorating the sleeves, sleeves let fall down her arms so in a clear manner to discover the shoulders. Forms similar also mark the collections of Eddy K and Rivini. What is the wedding dress more fashion bare shoulders in your opinion?

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Wedding: you can finally customize your wedding dress

D-day is soon, and you still have not found the dress of your dreams? Do not panic, Floravere has the solution. A brand new concept to customize her dress completely, without even moving.

Along with the brand Floravere, we find Molly Kang, a Californian creator. The young woman, who has known when choosing its many despairs wedding dress, from lack of inspiration, stress and fittings Disenchantment to view the price of dresses, decided to help all women Are experiencing these distressing situations as the wedding day approaches. So, whether you rather chic, flower girl or hyper classic, thanks to Floravere, it is now possible to imagine the perfect wedding dress. Strapless lagging lace, everything is a pretext to give free rein to his imagination.

To make your own dress, nothing could be simpler. Just choose three of the seven models proposed by the label. Once delivered to the house, go for a fitting session in privacy or between girlfriends! Then, the preferred dress is sent back to Floravere and customization can begin. Customizations that make the difference? Opt for a split dress, raise the waist or put his initials (in blue, it brings happiness) in a place known only to the bride.

If the service is not imported in France at the moment, it is almost certain that with the success Floravere will know, it will not be long.

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Bride 2017, the timeless elegance of the Atelier Collection Lyanna

soft fabrics and patterns romantic allure. Wedding gowns are the 2017 Atelier Lyanna (, ethereal garments with classic lines for a modern and self-confident.

Sensual French laces are complemented by refined and precious fabrics such as silk mikado and tulle to create ethereal and romantic silhouette.

From mermaid to those A-line models, up to the princely forms with voluminous skirt, the collection 2017 Atelier Lyanna manages to capture the essence of love timeless, seen through the eyes of today’s woman, a contemporary woman who knows what he wants from life.

soft and transparent fabrics reveal wrapped skirts and sinuous models. lace embroidery climb up the corsets with necklines chaste and delicate, but always classic.

The mood at times boho chic of this collection 2017, it is highlighted by the simple and often strict lines of bridal dresses, that never give to be refined and sophisticated. Wedding dress perfect for stylish women and dreamers, but at the same time modern.

Shiny delicate embroideries are applied on light and precious clothes and on different models that emphasize in a sensual silhouette of the bride.

Among the details that embellish the garments in this collection, we find delicate transparencies, precious little belts and small flakes that create movement and volume.
The palette of colors to be signed wedding dresses Atelier Lyanna this year it includes shades ranging from traditional white to silver silk, even through small and delicate sparkling elements.
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Pronovias: the wedding dresses of 2017 collection

The choice of the wedding depends on three specific factors: personal taste (of course), the excitement of the test … and the influence of the trend of the moment.
These elements are summarized perfectly in the Pronovias 2017 collection, wide and varied, so much so that (we can swear) able to fulfill the wishes of the most demanding brides.

To tell closely the proposals of the Spanish brand we decided to split them into well-defined macro themes: lace, mermaid silhouette Or else-line, color and maxi skirts princess. And yet it lengths perfect for the winter and or empire waistline style. Are you ready to find the dress of your dreams?


Let’s start with one of the most beloved classics, the lace. Elegant and romantic par excellence, is an evergreen that knows no seasonality. It can be molded to perfection: it can be retro and delicate, on a soft dress with long sleeves and collar, or incredibly sexy about a bustier and mermaid silhouette that enhance femininity (and cleavage).

Pronovias wedding dresses with lace


No doubt the most sensual choice. Dedicated to those who want to emphasize their physical sinuously, the mermaid dress is very loved by brides and is less difficult to wear than you might imagine. Do you remember Kim Kardashian? It is slender and generous hips, but the mermaid dress has made it beautiful in the day of his wedding with Kanye West.
Pronovias wedding dresses mermaid


Minimal but not trivial: the A-line is straight, simple and “squeezes” the forms. For this is the most comfortable and safe choices that a bride can do.
Simple Wedding Dresses A-Line Pronovias


The best solution for those who want to slim the figure is to bet on the waistline in “Empire”, ie moved upwards, under the breast. And to emphasize even more this effect you just go with it a V-neckline


You will have surely dreamed, at least as children! It is a dress that relies entirely on the skirt: large, multilayer, important. As the name suggests, with a dress so you choose to step into the shoes of a princess. And for a day, in life, you should do all …
Pronovias wedding dresses princess


Pronovias is synonymous with femininity and seduction even though the altar and points to reinterpret the tradition, season after season never gives up some unexpected detail. Such as color, which for 2017 is a delicate pink. Or lengths, midi, in the 50s style.
Pronovias wedding dresses short

And for those brides (ever more numerous) who tie the knot in the cold months here is the focus on which to focus: long sleeves – maybe embellished with embroidery and pinching, neck turtlenecks and veils as long capes.

Winter wedding dresses Pronovias

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Each wedding dress, a different personality

Each wedding dress, you know, expresses the personality of the woman wearing it. The choice of a model rather than another for the big day hides very specific character types in every woman.

Those who choose a princess style dress is romantic and a traditionalist, self-confident and knows exactly what he wants. The dress blaring become conceited, exuberant, showy. Every woman, child, dreams of a dress like this, maybe with a trail exaggerated.

The dress for the bride traditionalist becomes elegant, almost solemn, finished with important details such as a bow or lace. If the word is exaggeration, with skirts ever larger, long train, lace appliqués and crystals, taffeta or satin, then we have the princess bride, maybe with a modern twist.

Short wedding dress for the bride minimalist. Because, often, “less is more.” This woman has a very strong personality and believed not to have to prove anything with the wedding dress, knows what he wants and is accustomed to getting it. Independent and free spirit are two important features of the minimalist bride.

The passionate bride instead chooses a mermaid dress. Extremely self-confident and outspoken, he has mastery of one’s body and feelings and show them to others. This type of woman’s personality looking for a feminine and seductive dress, that highlights the curves. The models chosen exude sex appeal and are worn with grace and elegance down the aisle of the church, before arriving at the altar.

The woman who chooses the lace, is an assertive bride. Similar to the traditionalist, he takes marriage very seriously and do not want to pass unnoticed. Generally, the lace is used to decorate the bodice gown or some parts, but many fashion houses this year propose to younger brides dresses entirely of lace. A choice which is a safe bet, a guarantee to please everyone.

The bride fashionista dresses for a modern wedding dress, fashionable, well-defined and glamor. The wedding dress becomes a real work of art and conquer the personality of the woman on the altar, as it captures his style and reflects her individuality.

The modern wedding dress is theatrical, always with an eye to lightness, thanks to the precious fabrics with which they are constructed. And you, what you personality?

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10 dresses that will go to all bridesmaids

Choosing the dress of her bridesmaids can be almost as much if not more complicated than finding her own wedding gown. Overview models that will not make you hesitate anymore.

This year, more than ever, the bridesmaid dresses perfectly match the trends of ready-to-wear, facilitating the preparation of the day. Yes because in addition to choosing our wedding dress, we must also choose the one Of her bridesmaids. A perilous purchase since it must please both parties: you and your super girlfriends who make you the joy of accompanying you for the best day of your life.

First challenge: style. Even if you have a theme well in mind or a well-defined wedding color, impossible not to find a bridesmaid dress that does not match. Romantic, minimalist or downright retro: all styles are at hand in our favorite shops and e-shops.

Second challenge: their morphology. Yes, to dress up several different women who have neither the same size, nor the same weight, nor the same forms, yet a single dress model can quickly become an insurmountable puzzle. Strapless or strapless dresses, long or short dresses: so one has selected all types of bridesmaid dresses history to chew you work.

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Marriage of Pippa Middleton: you are told everything!

It’s an almost royal wedding that will be celebrated in 2017: Pippa Middleton, 33, will say yes to her fiancé James Matthews, 41 years old. But it’s not his sister, Kate Middleton, who should be the star in 2017, but Pippa Middleton!

We talked to you a few weeks ago at Femme Actuelle. The English magazine Hello has revealed all the crisp details of this union which will, once again, delight the English.

For the date: this will take place on Saturday May 20, a date that has a special meaning for the couple to believe their loved ones.

The wedding will be celebrated in St Mark’s Church, in the village of Englefield. For the anecdote, this is where was filmed the famous film “The speech of a king”, with Colin Firth.

After the religious ceremony, the guests will go to the village of Bucklebury where the parents of Kate and Pippa live, and the grandparents of George and Charlotte. The large property houses a beautiful garden which will serve to celebrate the love of the two lovebirds.

A source told the magazine: “Pippa is a girl who is attached to traditions and wants to get married near her home. They know that there will be a significant interest in their marriage, but they want it to remain private as possible.”

As for the guests, the country expects to see the children of the Princely couple Kate and William play a special role in this marriage. It must be said that George and Charlotte would make very cute boy and bridesmaid!

However, for all those who hope for a wedding … It will be necessary to iron! Pippa “does not want a wedding overpriced,” says a source close to the couple. The bride will not neglect the details. She would have already used a florist from Chelsea, for bouquets “very chic, very simple”.

As for the dress, we are certain of Femme Actuelle that it will be as sublime as that which she had worn at Kate’s wedding, and which had caused a sensation throughout the world.
It is the English stylist Gilles Deacon who is in the process of making the outfit for the D-day.

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Tips on wedding dress Materials and decorations

When you choose the Right Wedding Dress, pay close attention to the different materials that will make your day shine. Feel the materials and see what you want to have on your body that day. The materials will also look different from unusual wedding dresses. Think if you want to have shiny silky and or some other type of material that you will feel good wearing.

There are several materials to choose from, such as chiffon, crepe, satin, silk and so on. Make sure you take into account the time of year when you get married. You surely do not want to wear a wedding dress made of heavy material in the summer time! Plus, if your planning a winter wedding you will need to have a wedding dress that will help you stay warm and comfortable on your Make the special sure that you have found the wedding dress you want really. After all, it’s your wedding day and you deserve the perfect look you want and need a wedding dress. There are factors that will help you make the right choice for the materials and decorations that you will be using for your wedding dress.

There are several types of decorations that you can choose from too. Think about what you want for your dress and this will make you feel good while wearing it. Think about how you want to look in your wedding dress and the different beads and lace you want on your dress. There are many different short wedding dresses to choose from and that’s what makes it fun. If you have found a dress made, you can choose some special things you want as it is being created.Be sure to consider the wedding style you are experiencing.

Do you know how to choose the wedding dress now?

Whether you opt for a huge wedding glow or a small wedding, you want to be comfortable in a dress that will represent your personal taste and preference. If you are not yet sure what you want, look for magazines from Fashion and see the different styles that are available. Look through them, find the look you like and go to the store and find exactly the same. you can find the top wedding dress fabrics. Of course,  there are suitable for your tailor-made wedding dress.

Royal Style – Elia of Albania, sumptuous bride in Tirana

Just eight days ago, Prince Leka II of Albania married his fiancee Elia Zaharia. The Royal Blog of Paris Match returns this Saturday on the splendid wedding dress of the new princess.

Sumptuous! The word is not too strong to describe the wedding dress that wore Saturday 8 October 2016 in Tirana Elia Zaharia. This Albanian actress, who studied at the Conservatoire with regional influence of Bordeaux and Florent course in Paris, had not donned this garment for a role. That day, she united her destiny before God with Prince Leka II, the only descendant of Zog I, the last king of Albania.

To see: The most beautiful photos of the wedding of Prince Leka II and Elia Zaharia
To say yes to her fiancé since 2010, the 33-year-old had chosen to trust Blerina Kllokoqi Rugova, a 31-year-old Kosovo Albanian stylist. This one created for the future princess a superb dress of silk of ivory color, enriched of embroidered flowers where mixes pearls and rhinestones. Present on all her bodice, these embroideries were also invited on her transparent sleeves, descended along her skirt and emphasized the bottom of her dress endowed with a very long train.

Elia wore the goat-head diadem of Queen Geraldine

The bride, who was holding a bouquet of white flowers, had secured her veil with the sapphires and diamonds diadem that belonged to Queen Geraldine, the wife of King Zog I and grandmother of Prince Leka II, who died in 2002. Very Original, it is decorated with floral and vegetable motifs, but also a helmet surmounted by a head of goat. It evokes that of Albanian hero of the fifteenth century Skanderbeg whom Leke’s grandfather, Ahmet Zogu, had chosen as his emblem in 1928 when he founded his kingdom by self-proclaiming himself a king of the Albanians. Look…

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