What is horsehair?

There’s a popular hem found on many wedding gowns; which has been sewn with a horse hair braid. The braid is not actually made from horse hair, but is a just synthetic nylon or plastic braiding.  The horse hair braiding can be purchased in a variety of widths and is typically between 1″ or 2″.

Horsehair is used to create a slightly stiff hemline, adding shape and movement to the skirt. Many wedding gowns use a horse hair braid hem to keep the long train of the gown in the proper shape and allows you to move more easily in the dress.

This hemline adds a fun, feminine, and whimsical illusion to any bridal gown. Here are some of our favorites!


We love this blush ball gown fixed with horsehair hemlines. The elegant bodice with added sparkle is definitely a show-stopper!


Flirty, feminine and fit for a princess, Sweet is a ball gown made from cascading layers of butterfly lace on tulle, with a horsehair trim for added volume.
Hayley Paige

Hayley Paige embraces sweet femininity with a touch of edginess. What better way to explain her than with this gown!? We love the illusion top with floral embellishments making this gown fit for a princess!

Essence of Australia

How whimsical is this gown?! The bottom of this gown is so airy and looks so soft and breathable. The top of the gown is also a gorgeous, yet unique lace which makes this gown one of a kind.

Wtoo by Watters

You can’t go wrong with a champagne ball gown topped with a lace bodice! The traditional top goes perfectly with the party of a skirt!

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