How to Choose and Buy the best Burglar Alarm System?

Do you want to install a new burglar alarm system for your Home or Office? If you are indecisive because of performance and quality issues, or if you don’t know how to choose the best alarm system, read the rest of this article for some inspiration.

Before purchasing a high quality alarm system that has advanced features, the first thing you should do is know the features of the place that you are going to buy the alarm system for, fully and then make your choice according to that. There are many variables such as the location of the place where the installation is going to take place (garden floor, upstairs and attic…), how many rooms it has, the size of the rooms or the number of kitchen, bathroom and other entrance doors and windows. That’s why, before you choose your burglar alarm system you should know about these features fully.

If you are going to work with companies that install alarm systems, the expert staff will do all the necessary calculations for you and take care of the full installation. If you are going to do the installation yourself and if you want to install the alarm system that will give the best performance, we will explain all the details that you need to know, below.

Home or Office Burglar Alarm System Calculations

As we mentioned briefly above, before you install the alarm system, there are several counts and calculations that you need to do. Those are:

Number of Rooms: When you install motion detectors in the rooms at home or in the office, they connect to the central system. When deciding the number of motion detectors you should know how many rooms you are going to install these in.

Number of Kitchens and Bathrooms: If there are any places that the motion detectors are going to be installed in addition to the rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen, the number of those should also be added to the calculation.

Entrances: Motion detectors are also going to be installed in the sections where the home or office entrance gates are.

Example: If there are 6 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms and 2 entrance doors in the house where the alarm system is going to be installed, at least 13 motion detectors should be bought for this house.

The size of the rooms: There are specific coverage areas for motion detectors. The two main features that affect the coverage area are:

  • Distance: Starting from the place where it is installed, it scans the area that is in the front within the scope of a certain distance. This distance changes according to the power of the motion detector.
  • Angle: Motion detectors scan a specific area to their left and right. The size of the area that is to be scanned is specified in the technical details of the detector. In the picture below, you can see how a motion detector does the scanning according to distance and angle.

Blind Spots: Certain rooms in your house or office are not square or rectangular and thus there are some areas that the motion detectors cannot see. In such cases, more than one motion detector is used. That’s why, when deciding on the number of motion detectors to be purchased, you should know about the blind spots in the room. In the picture below, the parts that the motion detector cannot scan are shown.

Garden and Roof Security: Depending on the floor where your house or office is located, you might need to buy extra motion detectors. In order to prevent theft attempts, for example through the garden or the roof, we recommend that you should install extra motion detectors around these areas.

Number of Windows: One of the easiest places to break into your house or office is through windows. There are detectors called Window Contact that are specifically produced for windows. When the windows are opened, it sends a signal to the central control unit and activates the alarm. In order to decide how many of these components that you are going to buy, you should know the number of openable windows at your house or office.

Number of Entrance Gates: The detectors we mentioned above are called Door Contacts here. You should get these detectors that have the same working principle in the number of your entrance gates.

Before purchasing a new alarm system, the values above should be known exactly. According to the numerical values you have, you can decide on what kind of an alarm system, sensor or control panel you are going to purchase. In the following sections of this article we will talk about various examples on this issue.

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